Hello readers,

Thank you so much for reading and liking my blog. your likes and comments encourage me to keep up with my work. I know it’s been a long since I have posted anything. There are few things coming up in line which includes:

  1. Distributed cache system design
  2. TinyURL system design
  3. Uber system design
  4. Instagram system design
  5. Designing a parking lot (OOPS)

Let me know in the comments if you want to cover some other topics as well. Once again thank you so much.

In the previous article, we have studied transaction and locks.

In this article, we will study more about transactions specifically distributed transactions and locks. We will look at various use cases to see how is transaction is being taken care of in a monolith and in a microservice architecture?

Previously, In this series, we have already discussed scaling concepts pretty well.

Let’s learn about distributed datastore.

In the previous blogs, we have already seen and discussed that if we have our database hosted on one single server we will end up with a single point of failure and issues like high latency and more…

Prerequisite: we have learned in previous microservice blogs about monolithic and microservice architecture, the Advantages and disadvantages of both, and when to go for which architecture.

Microservice is an architectural style in which an application is basically structured as a group of individual loosely coupled services that are…

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